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Poor credit doesn’t necessarily mean no mortgage

Poor Credit doesn’t necessarily mean no mortgage!

You may think that if you have a poor credit score then you will never be able to get a mortgage, however there are plenty of options available if you have encountered financial difficulty in the past.

All may not be lost!

There are specialist lenders who are willing to be more flexible with their criteria and will consider people who have had arrears, defaults, CCJs (county court judgements), IVA’s (individual voluntary arrangements), have been on debt management plans or have encountered bankruptcy in the past 6 years.

Although this does mean that lenders may consider you a ‘higher risk’, so you could possibly need to pay a slightly higher interest rate.

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Get back on track!

If, however, you take positive steps to try to improve your credit rating, as well as keep up to date with your repayments over the coming months/years, then this will benefit you by showing lenders that you are more reliable and possibly a ‘lower risk’ than before.

This means that you could find yourself in a much more favourable position, resulting in access to lower rates and better deals when it comes to remortgaging.

It is always worth asking our team if you are eligible for one of these mortgages, and if they don’t suit you right now, we can help you put together a plan so that in the future we may be able to help.

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How can Tipping & Webb help?

Well, we are specialists in what we do, and we make sure that we take adequate time to get to know you and your circumstances, not only does this allow us to understand your current situation so that we know when and how the best way to communicate with you, but it also allows us to do what we do best and find the right deals to suit you.

Being a mortgage broker, we also have access to exclusive lender deals that may not be available elsewhere, this enables us to match clients with the most suitable deal for them.

So, if you have a recent history of bad debt and are looking for some reliable, honest advice, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help guide you through the process.

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