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Did you know there are schemes available to help with a Keyworker mortgage?

Thank you Keyworkers!

If you are a Keyworker, then first and foremost we would like to say THANK YOU!

We all knew how important Keyworkers are and the Covid-19 pandemic really did highlight the importance of Keyworkers and how integral you are to our everyday life.

There are many schemes launched by the UK Government in a bid to make purchasing a house more affordable, to view these, check out the ‘Homeowner Schemes’ page of our website.

It can all seem like a bit of a minefield but don’t worry, we are here to help.

If you are a Keyworker and unsure which government scheme may suit you and your circumstances or maybe you are just looking for a little advice, why not get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Am I considered a Keyworker?

Before Covid-19, Key workers were considered to be people who work in, (inter alia/among others) the police, fire, NHS, prison or state education services, as well as members of the armed forces, local authority, probation services and environmental officers. These people are considered critical to the smooth running of the social infrastructure of the country.

However, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the UK lockdowns that followed, many have become a lot more familiar with those whose jobs qualify them as key workers – these include, for example, police officers, firefighters, nurses, prison officers and all types of teachers.

The term key worker can also be applied to civilian and non-professional staff who work in the qualifying Government employed sectors, which includes security, porters, administration staff, as well as care workers and teaching assistants.

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